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The York County Poultry Fancier’s

2019 Fall Show

Saturday Oct 26th, 2019

Located at the York Fairgrounds, York, Pennsylvania

York County Poultry Fancier’s Association Officers and Staff

President     Kellye Shue

Vice President     Steve Topper

Treasurer     Sarah Rothenhoefer

Secretary       John Hyreck

Show Secretary           Sue Reed Taylor

Webmaster, Graphic Design, and Marketing           Kellye Shue

Chinese Raffle & 50/50     Mike & Judy Groff, Kandy Topper, Kellye Shue


Open and Youth Show: Tom Roebuck, Paul Gilroy, Keith Lutz

Junior Showmanship: TBD

The York Club invites you to join us to sell some birds, buy some birds, and show some birds all in the same weekend. Catch up on other poultry enthusiast like yourself. We would also like to take this opportunity to extend a “Thank You” to all the members and friends of the club who have helped in any way possible to help make this show a success. Any donations are greatly appreciated!

Schedule of Events **TBD at this time**

Friday, Oct 25th, 2019

Check in 4:00 – 9:00pm

Saturday, Oct 26th, 2019

Show Hall open 6:00am

Check in 6:00 – 9:00am (All birds must be cooped in by 9:00am)

Food stand 7:00am -?

Judging 9:00am

Ring Judging of Runners and brief history 10:00am

Award Ceremony – immediately after all judging and paperwork is completed

Please check in at the Show Secretary’s desk prior to cooping in.

The show will end after the Champions have been picked and the awards presented.


York Fairgrounds

334 Carlisle Avenue, York, PA 17404

From the South:
Take I-83 North to Exit 15 (Old Exit #5) (S. George St. Business 83) Turn left at the second traffic light (Country Club Rd) Follow Country Club Rd. to Richland Ave. Turn right on Richland to Market St. Turn left on Market to the York Fairgrounds.

From the North:
Take I-83 to Exit 22 (Old Exit #10) (N. George St.) At second traffic light, take Rt 30 West to the Carlisle Ave Exit. Turn left on Carlisle Ave. (Rt #74) to York Fairgrounds.

From the East:
Take Rt 30 West to Carlisle Ave. Exit turn left on Carlisle Ave.(Rt#74) to York Fairgrounds.

From the West:
Take Route 462 (W. Market St.) from Rt 30. Follow Market St. to Highland Ave. Turn left on Highland Ave. to York Fairgrounds.

From the Northwest:
Take Rt#74 (Carlisle Ave) directly to York Fairgrounds

PA Health Regulations

The state of PA. Requires that all poultry shown or for sale must be pollorum/typhoid free. All exhibitors must be tested for AI within 30 days of the show date and Pullorum-typhoid tested within 90 days of the show date.

Exhibitors with flocks on a 90 day US NPIP are exempted from the 30 day requirement.

All Health Papers must be presented prior to cooping in of birds, and it is recommended that you enclose a copy along with your entry form.

Any exhibitor who does not have the proper health papers will not be permitted to show, and no fees will be refunded.

Local Hotel and Motel Information

(prices are approximate and subject to change)

Check out,, orbitz, and hotwire for discounted rates.

La Quinta Inn & Suites

1405 Kenneth Rd

York, Pa 17408

(717) 767-2400


Motel 6

323 Arsenal Rd

York, PA 17402

(717) 846-6260


Four Points by Sheraton

1650 Toronita St

York, PA 17402



Motel 6

125 Arsenal Rd

York, PA 17404

(717) 843-8181


Comfort Inn & Suites

2250 N. George St.

York, PA 17406

(520) 505-2268


Wingate by Wyndham

105 State Street

York, PA 17404

(717) 848-2100


Best Western Westgate Inn

1415 Kenneth Rd

York, PA 17408

(717) 767-6931


Holiday Inn Express

140 Leader Heights

York, PA 17403

(717) 741-1000


Days Inn & Suites

334 Arsenal Rd

York, PA 17402

(717) 845-5671


General Rules and Regulations

  1. The show is open to all entries of standard and recognized varieties, and non-standard varieties of Large Fowl, Bantams, and Waterfowl.
  2. Entries must be postmarked by TBD and accompanied by entry fees.  Send check or money order made payable to: York County Poultry Fanciers Association with entry form to: Sue Reed-Taylor, 6880 Thompson Rd, Needmore, PA 17238, Phone #717-495-1249.
  3. Entry fee must accompany entry form.
  4. Entries will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.  The show management reserves the right to refuse or reject any entry.
  5. Birds must be cooped in by 9:00 am Saturday, Oct 26th, 2019, as judging will start promptly.
  6. Birds showing signs of sickness, excessive stress or injury upon arrival or during the show will be removed from the show by show management or exhibitor.
  7. Judging will be done according to the APA and ABA Standard of Perfection.
  8. Exhibitors may not be permitted in aisle where the judging is being conducted.  No one except the judge, clerk and show secretary should be allowed in the aisle while judging.
  9. No persons except the exhibitor, the judge, and the Show Committee shall handle, feed, or water without expressed permission of the exhibitor.
  10. The York County Poultry Fanciers Association and Show Committee will use every precaution and guard against accident, mistake, loss, or damage, but will not be responsible should any occur. Birds will be entered at the sole risk of their owners.
  11. All specimens shall be the bonafide property of the exhibitor.
  12. Exhibitors making entries and failing to exhibit will automatically forfeit all fees paid for such entries, unless secretary is notified before closing date of entries.
  13. The Show Committee urges that all birds be banded, although this is not required, and the band number written on the coop tag.  Do not write the exhibitors name on the card until judging is completed.
  14. All protest must be made in writing to the Superintendent before the Judges leave the floor.  A $25.00 deposit must accompany all protests.
  15. In all matters of dealing with the administration of the show, the decision of the Show Committee shall be final.
  16. No substitutions will be permitted once the coop tags are hung on the cages.
  17. Any exhibitor/spectator displaying inappropriate behavior will be escorted off the property immediately. The consumption of alcoholic beverages on the York Fair property is prohibited.
  18. Absolutely NO OUTSIDE SALES! Per rules of the fairgrounds. There will be inside spaces available for $20 each and sales cages for $4.00 each.  Sales cages will be on a first come first serve basis as cages are limited. You may purchase in advance or the day of the show. Only birds from tested flocks may be sold on premises. Please put tarps or paper down for sales spots to aid in clean up. Thank you for your understanding.

Entry Information

Entry fees are $3.50 per bird up to 19 birds. $3.00 per bird if 20 or more are entered.

Double coops are available at $7.00 per bird.

All entry fees MUST accompany the entry. Entry fees are non refundable. Please make checks payable to York County Poultry Fanciers Association.

All entries should be postmarked by TBD

Please mail all entries to:

Sue Reed Taylor

6880 Thompson Rd,

Needmore, PA 17238


All Health Papers must be presented prior to cooping in of birds, and it is recommended that you enclose a copy along with your entry form.

Please take care when filling out entries: large fowl or bantam, bearded or non bearded, comb type, and variety.

Classes will be provided for Cock, Hen, Cockerel, and Pullet.

Sale of Birds

10 x 10 Sale Area $20.00

Individual Sale Cages $4.00

Non-exhibitors may sell birds but still need to fill out entry form.

Sales cages will be on a first come first serve basis as cages are limited. Only birds from tested flocks may be sold on premises.

Please put tarps or paper down for sales spots to aid in clean up. All Health Papers must be presented prior to cooping in birds in the sale area.

Chinese Auction and 50/50 Raffle

We will be having a raffle table where the proceeds from the table items will go toward the club to offset the cost of the show. Tickets will be drawn before the final award presentations. We will also be holding a 50/50 raffle.

Food Counter

Food will be provided by Z & D Fries. Menu

There will also be a table of homemade baked goods for sale courtesy of the YCPF.

Donuts will be provided by Maple Donuts.

Coffee will be provided by club members. 

Silent Auction

We will also be having a Silent Auction if any Members or Non-Members of the club would like to donate birds. The proceeds of the auction will also go to help offset any of the costs involved with the show.

Junior Show

All Junior show entries are subject to the same rules and regulations as the open show as well as the following guidelines.

  1. Please specify at the top of the entry form Junior entry; please indicate exhibitors age at the time of show.  Otherwise birds will be entered in the open show and cannot be changed.
  2. Eligibility to show as a Junior is limited to exhibitors between the ages of 5 and 18 years of age.
  3. All Junior Exhibitors must be present during the show and handle their own birds, or awards will be forfeited.
  4. All Juniors are also competing in the open show as well
  5. Junior Showmanship will be ran by John Hrycek


All junior exhibitors are eligible for showmanship. Please indicate on the entry form age and circle yes or no. Junior Showmanship will be ran by John Hrycek


Awards Offered by the York County Poultry Club


Grand Champion of Show                                                                                  Trophy & $50.00

Reserve Grand Champion of Show                                                                     Trophy & $25.00

Champion Large Fowl, Bantam and Waterfowl                                                 Rosette & $50.00

Reserve Champion Large Fowl, Bantam and Waterfowl                                                    $25.00 

Champion Turkey and Guinea Combined                                                         Rosette & $10.00

Reserve Champion Turkey and Guinea Combined                                                              $5.00

(Must be 10 or more turkeys and guineas combined entered)

Large Fowl Classes

$10.00 for Champion and $5.00 for Reserve Champion of each class with 10 or more entries

Champion American

Champion Asiatic

Champion Mediterranean

Champion English

Champion Continental

Champion AOSB

Bantam Fowl Classes

$10.00 for Champion and $5.00 for Reserve Champion of each class with 10 or more entries

Champion  AOCCL

Champion Feather Legged

Champion Modern Game

Champion Old English Game

Champion RCCL

Champion SCCL

Waterfowl Classes

$10.00 for Champion and $5.00 for Reserve Champion of each class with 10 or more entries

Champion Bantam Duck

Champion Light Duck

Champion Medium Duck

Champion Heavy Duck

Champion Light Goose

Champion Medium Goose

Champion Heavy Goose

Junior Awards

Sponsored by: Lebanon Valley Poultry Club and

Kevin & Valerie Miller (

Champion Bantam by a Junior                                 Trophy

Reserve Champion Bantam by a Junior                     Rosette

Champion Large Fowl by a Junior                     Trophy

Reserve Champion Large Fowl by a Junior         Rosette

Champion Waterfowl by a Junior                     Trophy

Reserve Champion Waterfowl by a Junior           Trophy

Showmanship-Beginner                         Handcrafted Sign

Showmanship-Junior                         Handcrafted Sign

Showmanship-Senior                         Handcrafted Sign

(Juniors also qualify for open class awards)

Specials offered by individuals

Tom & Kandy Topper

Largest Entry $10.00

Exhibitor traveling the longest distance $5.00

Largest display of one variety by an exhibitor $5.00

Earliest entry received of 10 or more birds $5.00

Rothenhoefer Family

Champion AOSB $10.00

Champion Jr AOSB $10.00

Best Yokohama $5.00

Best Phoenix $5.00

Mike & Judy Groff

Best Black Old English Bantam Male $20.00

Bob Moffitt

Best BBR OEGB in Memory of Bruno Bortner $20.00

Best OEGB $25

Kevin & Valerie Miller (

Junior Awards $50

John Hyrcek

Champion Large Fowl $50.00

Lape Family

Best Bantam Duck $10.00

Sue Reed-Taylor

Best Khaki Campbell in Memory of Henry Miller $5.00

Best Langshan LF in Memory of Richard Hickman $10.00

Best Langshan Btm. In Memory of Richard Hickman $10.00

Becky Weaver

Best Sebastopol $10.00

Best Medium Goose $10.00

English Family

Best Rock Bantam by a junior in Memory of Charles Waeback $10.00

Best Rock Bantam open show in Memory of Richard Hickman $10.00

Best Colored Rock Bantam open show in Memory of Bob English $10.00

2019 Club Meets

The following meets have been offered to us for our fall show.


***If any classes listed do not have competition, the funds will be divided between  remaining classes or other categories may be listed day of show!***

American Poultry Association

The A.P.A. invites you to become a member and become eligible for awards. Annual dues are $20 for one year, $50 for three years.  Junior dues (18 and under) are $10 per year.  Send dues to A.P.A. David Adkins-P.O. Box 9, Lucasville, OH 45648, Ph# (740)876-4845. Master exhibitor Award points will be awarded to any qualified win at this show.

American Bantam Association

Only ABA member are eligible to compete for ABA awards. Dues are $20 per year, $50 for 3 years. Starred wins are earned by Champions and Reserve Champions in the seven bantam divisions when the number of birds competing is 100 or more.  To join, send dues to American Bantam Association, c/o Karen Unrath, P.O, Box 127, Augusta, NJ 07822. Phone #973-383-8633  Email: or visit website:

Plymouth Rock Fanciers Club-Special

Dues are $20 for individuals, $7.50 for junior exhibitors.  Please send all memberships to Secretary/Treasurer:

John Beauchamp, 6102 Finchville/Reliance Rd., Federalsburg, MD 21632.  Make checks payable to: Plymouth Rock Fanciers Club of America

Dominique Club Of America-State Meet

Mail dues to Vince Cooper, 2123 Southern Road, Sanford, NC  27330.  Dues are $10 for adult or $5 for junior with emailed newsletter (4 times per year) or $15 for adult and $10 for junior with mailed newsletter.  Members are eligible for club awards

Old English Game Bantam Club of America-Special Meet

Mail dues to Jason Young, 259 Pilot Mountain Road, Hendersonville, NC  28792.  (828)782-4248,  Individual or family dues $20 per year, Life Membership, $400

Old English Game Bird Nation-Special Meet

The Old English Game Bantam Nation is a new national club dedicated to the breeding, exhibition, and promotion of the Old English Game Bantam. The OEGBN supports the use of the ABA Bantam Standard as a guideline for showing and breeding Old English Game Bantams, for more information please write to Bryant Nunnelly, Secretary, 625 Logging Rd., Ohatchee, AL 36271

Belgian D’Uccle & Booted  Bantam Club- State Meet

Only club members are eligible for club awards.  Dues are $10 per year, $25 for 3 years.  Send dues to BDBB Club, 171 Catlin Hollow Road, Wellsboro, PA  16901.  Ph. #570-439-6206.  Email  Club website:

American Silkie Bantam Club-Special Meet

YEARLY MEMBERSHIP DUES:Juniors (17 years and under): $10.00;Individuals: $15.00;Families: $20.00; Mail dues to: Carina Moncrief Secretary/Treasurer, 23754 Spenser Butte Dr.,Gavilan Hills, CA 92570 Club website:

The Langshan Club-Special Meet

Contact: Camille Lewandowski. For more information on joining.


We would like to Thank the following for sponsoring different supplies for our show.

Hoke’s Mill Inc.

150 S. Seward Street

York, PA 17404

(717) 843-8889

130 W. King St.
Abbottstown, PA 17301 

(717) 259-0609

Tractor Supply Company

1150 Carlisle St Ste 12

Hanover, PA 17331

(717) 630-0555

Cold Springs Farm & Pet

180 Zions View Road

Manchester, Pa.  17345


The York County Poultry Fanciers would like to Thank Peter Brown of First State Veterinary Supply for all of his encouragement and support over the years.